General Question

  • What is Physiomobile?

    Physiomobile is a physiotherapy services company established on August 8, 2016. Physiomobile provides treatment in treatment centers as well as from house to house for patients or clients in need. Our treatment in Physiomobile is Manual therapy techniques that have been proven to be one of the most effective techniques in physiotherapy treatment. In addition, Physiomobile also provides ‘on-site’ physiotherapy treatment where we move to the company's premises to provide consultation services as well as talks on the prevention and management of musculoskeletal disorders (muscle, joint and bone conditions).

  • I Have Some Feedback & Complaint, Where Do I Submit Them?          

    You can contact us your feedback or complaints to customer serivce careline on 013-2079642 or you can answer our inquiries on our website.

  • I Am Currently Pregnant, Can I Get Your Treatment ?

    Yes you can, In manual therapy, we have special treatment for pregnant women and we do our treatment according to your pregnant condition.


  • How to book an appointment ?

    You can call or WhatsApp our center physiomobile:

    • Physiomobile Shah Alam (03-5569 3549 / 018-988 9642)
    • Physiomobile Kota Damansara (03-6143 4028 / 019-207 9642)
    • Physiomobile Wangsa Melawati (03-4131 3544 / 019-982 9642)
    • Physiomobile Adda height Johor Bahru (07-351 6837 / 019-986 9642)
    • Physiomobile Bandar Puteri Bangi (03-8922 1838 / 019-607 0459)
    • Physiomobile Kuala Selangor (03-3281 2697 / 012-615 0441 )
    • Physiomobile Bandar Baru Bangi ( 019-244 9642 )
    • Physiomobile Krubong Melaka ( 017-461 4148 )
    • Physiomobile Bandar Botanik Klang ( 013-717 5212 )
    • Physiomobile Eco Ardence Setia Alam ( 019-559 0262 )
    • Physiomobile Seri Kembangan ( 012-335 3562 )
    • Physiomobile Bandar Tun Hussein On ( 014-900 5212 )
  • Will the physiotherapist assigned to me be the same gender as me?

    The comfort and safety of our patients and our physiotherapists is our primary concern. Hence, a physiotherapist of the same gender will be assigned to you.

  • Does Physiomobile accept walk-in patients ?

    Generally, no. This is to avoid long wait times for our patients and to avoid overcrowding at our rehabilitation centers. We strongly advise you to book an appointment beforehand to avoid you having to wait at the center for your turn.

  • What do I need to bring on my treament to you center?           

    For men please bring your own short pants and for women please wear appropriate outfits

  • Can I Book an appointment after 6 P.M?

    Yes. There will be a surcharge of RM10 for on-call expenses.


  • Do you provide treatment for stroke condition?                                       

    Yes. For our stroke patients, we can improve stroke patient’s conditions by giving them the ability to relearn their lost abilities, regain independence and reduce the risk of further stroke complications. With the help of manual therapy, we can improve recovery of function and mobility after stroke.

  • Can I Share My Treatment?

    Yes you can, you can share your package only 10 Sessions above and there will an additional charge of RM10 for every name you want to share you package with.

  • What panel healthcare providers are available?

    • PMCare
    • MEDKAD
    • Perkeso
    • Health Connect
    • HealthMetrics
    • ASP Medical Group
    • Red Alert


  • How To Subscribe PHYSIOMOBILE Membership?                                       

    Patient will auto-subscribe to their membership with a miimum treatment package of PRS (PACKAGE STATER REHAB).

  • How Long Will My Membership Last?

    Membership will reset after 1 year of inactive treatment.

  • How To Check My Points?

    Patient can cehck their points in our clinic or with our admin and by contact our salesperson.